NetSci2017: Network Neuroscience Satellite Videos

During the Network Neuroscience Satellite meeting of NetSci2017, videos of presentations were streamed live to a Facebook Page. However, individuals who don't use facebook can't easily visit this page, and even for those who can, there's no information indicating which video is which presenter. To try to make this easier, I've embedded each of the videos below with the presenter's name typed above. You can see more details about the talks by visiting the program.

John Beggs

Michael Shaub

Eduardo Izquierdo

Flaviano Morone

Claus Hilgetag

Nicholas Cain

Daniele Marinazzo

Stephen Larson

Alex Leow

Willem de Haan

Masanori Shimono

Esther Ibáñez

Jingwen Yan

Danielle Bassett

Neda Jahanshad

Jonas Richiardi

Alice Patania